I’m using Storm at work (a bank, using An Apache 1.0 Project?). I like the sound of it because I can write python, but really why bother figuring out how to mix Java with python (the rest of the IT team when I can just learn Java?)… Well the hand-me-down book I originally learned Java from was Sams Teach yourself Java 2 in 21 days fourth edition, first printed 2004! Time for an upgrade…

This was a very enthusiastic and humourous presentation of the benefits of Java8, well worth a watch.

Down to Foyles tomorrow to Pick up something more current… Then get storm working.

An observation by a colleague, C++ by training but now knee deep in Java, said that Java code is always telling something else what to do. I agree, all I ever see are methods that call other methods. Luckily the Functional programming seems to get rid of (some of?) that and distills it down to the real meat.

Presently ploughing through Storm Applied from Manning.